Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Palm Sunday at my Cathedral

I feel so blessed to be able to use, once again, a tool and gadget that has been in my possession for three years now – my computer! I had to send it to the mainland for repair, so I was without it for two weeks. It is almost a “best friend” to me, a gift from God I consider. I have resolved to use it only for that which will give our Lord glory, for holy purposes, for the building of his Body. God has blessed it. It is almost good as new, and how I praise our Lord!

Palm Sunday at my church, the Cathedral of Our Lady of Peace, was a solemn yet joyful event. The Samoan men and ladies – yes, our brothers and sisters with strong and lovely voices – decorated our church with palm branches. The pillars became adorned with its rich color and vibrancy, signifying the Lord’s strong will to walk on the path of obedience: to suffering and death, and to resurrection.

I was so proud of my bishop, Bishop Larry Silva, for once again speaking boldly on pro-life, on the practice of virtues such as purity and holiness, and on caring for the less fortunate. He firmly stressed the Gospel message to promote life and dignity of every person - what we ought to observe and practice - and distinguished it from the world’s point of view: it is alright to abort a child because it is an exercise of freedom of choice. He made it clear that our church teaches that sex is a sacred act between a man and a woman within the sanctity of marriage only, and pointed out the misleading message of the world: that sex is alright with whom one wishes to do it. He challenged us to live a pure and holy life, to stay away from impure thoughts, and pornography that is so easily accessible through the use of technology. He also added that persecution will arise when we speak the truth, but that we shouldn't let fear overcome us because God is with us.

I praise our Lord for my bishop, Bishop Larry Silva. I praise him also for Fr. Marc Alexander, Vicar General of the Diocese of Honolulu, who shares the same passion as our bishop. May they, and all bishops and priests, be blessed, and strengthened especially this Holy Week. May they continue to speak boldly in defense of those without a voice, and greatly challenge us in our faith journey that we will grow in practice of virtues and become instruments in drawing many to the church.

Our God most High, the High Priest, be praised, now and always!

Blessing of the catechumens

Bishop Larry Silva with deacons of our diocese.
The one on the top left is Deacon Kin Borja, the deacon
God sent my husband's way to plant the seed
of responding to God's call
to apply for aspirancy formation this year that,
if it be God's will, will lead to diaconate formation.

Bishop Larry Silva being greeted by a parishioner, after Mass

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