Saturday, December 26, 2009

Fr. Ed Sousa saying Mass

Here's sharing with you Ed Sousa Sr.'s picture of his son, Fr. Ed Sousa, celebrating Mass in their home on Christmas Day.

Thank you, Ed, for sharing this picture with us! Having my own son say Mass in my home is a dream I hope to see in my own life someday.

But, of course, I'll take what God gives me. After all, we all possess the gift of priesthood. By virtue of baptism, my sons can exercise that gift in their marriage or single life.

Our God who knows best be praised!


Fr. Larry said...

I wonder if he had the Bishop's permission?

Redemptionis Sacramentum states:

1. The Place for the Celebration of Holy Mass

[108.] “The celebration of the Eucharist is to be carried out in a sacred place, unless in a particular case necessity requires otherwise. In this case the celebration must be in a decent place.”[197] The diocesan Bishop shall be the judge for his diocese concerning this necessity, on a case-by-case basis.

Easter A. said...

Dear Fr. Larry,

I'll have to ask; I had no idea. I come from a big family with an uncle for a priest; I have at least 4 aunties who became nuns. My uncle would say Mass at our huge family gatherings, and I recall, as a child, attending Mass at friends' homes.

Thank you for leaving the teaching on my blog. I have visited your sites and they are now on my sidebar. Mahalo, Fr. Larry!

Fr. Larry said...

Thank you for including my site on your sidebar.