Tuesday, November 10, 2009

A blog by teens discerning priesthood

This is a blog put together by young men
who are seriously considering the call to the priesthood.
Apparently, it was nominated for
Best Group Blog and Best Overall Catholic website for the year 2009.

A Vocation to be a Priest?

I found this site at Anne Bender's blog, Imprisoned in my Bones-Releasing my Inner Jeremiah!


John (Webmaster) said...

Hi Easter
Thank you so much for adding the link to us - we appreciate your encouragement and prayers. Can I just add two small points for your readers? We are not yet seminarians since most of us are aged around 16, but then I suppose we are 'virtual' seminarians united across America, Canada, South Africa, the UK and Australia!
You may already know of the fantastic support from Anne Bender, but her son John has added his discernment story and in fact he is our awesome Prayer & Reflection Editor.

Easter A. said...

John, I thank you for the clarification!

I do admire all of you boys. Keep up the good work, and for sure, you will remain in my prayers!

Tracy said...

How wonderful!!!!

Sr Margaret Kerry fsp said...

I will share this link. Thanks!

Easter A. said...

Thanks, Tracy!

Easter A. said...

Thanks, Sr. Margaret Kerry! Thanks for spreading the word. :-)