Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Pray for Fr. McCormick and troops in Iraq and Afghanistan

Fr. Patrick McCormick, Chaplain of Pearl Harbor Chapel here in Hawaii, is a much loved priest for his dedication to his vocation. Currently in Afghanistan, he requests everyone to say a prayer for him and all the troops in the Middle East.

I thought I'd share with you that for many months now I have been praying for him, but didn't know how to contact him or how he was doing, until one Saturday afternoon. At a tennis match where my son had to play against this "haule" kid (meaning Caucasian, no harm done here; that is what they are called in Hawaii, and with due respect), Mary, the mother of my son's opponent sat beside me. While our sons were in a match competing for a win, Mary and I had a fantastic time chatting and laughing, and conversations led to Fr. McCormick! Mary is Fr. McCormick's neighbor here in Pearl Harbor. How cool is that? And Mary and I realized we are a good match for what humans cherish and call "friendship". She is one cool lady! God is "utmostly" cool!

Yes! Now I am able to communicate with Fr. McCormick, and I am happy to let you know he is doing fine.... but do keep those prayers going for that is the reason why he and his troops are fine! :-)


John Michael said...

Did you get the lasted on Father Corapi?

Suffering Servant he is.


John Michael

Easter A. said...

Thanks John Michael! I did find that out from another blog, but I am happy you posted it on yours. I will link your post to mine in the future to remind people to keep praying.

Prayers for you, dear brother in Christ!